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Hoffmannstadt Fallersleben

Explore the beautiful city

Fallersleben was first mentioned in a document in 942. “… the very invincible King Otto I”, it says in a document that was sealed in the Hofburg Palace in Magdeburg and which speaks of a place called Valareslebo, today’s Fallersleben. Fallersleben is therefore verifiably over 1000 years old, but probably even older.

The romantic town has retained its charm to this day, despite being part of a big city.

Many old half-timbered houses have been rebuilt. The Hoffmannhaus is one of the most beautiful. Other buildings of note are the castle and the brewery next to it, in which beer, which used to be used to heal the sick as herbal medicine, is now brewed and tasted according to old tradition.

The Michaeliskirche (Church), built in classic style in 1803, has an unusual architectural feature, a so-called transept system. The sulfur bath has existed since 1925 as a bath house with a sulfur source and can be experienced through two wells on Westerstrasse (Street) which delightfully show Fallersleben’s past.

Historic gem from the Renaissance period: Fallersleben Castle

Fallersleben Castle, in the heart of the Fallersleben district of Wolfsburg, in a beautiful park next to the classic Michaeliskirche, dates from the 16th century. A bridge and a moat were reconstructed on the basis of archaeological excavations from 1998.

The west wing, which was carefully restored in 1990, has been preserved from the palace complex, in which a romantic vaulted cellar, gray paintings from the Renaissance period and baroque stucco ceilings can be viewed. Here, the Hoffmann von Fallersleben Museum of the City of Wolfsburg (Tel .: 49 5362 52523) invites you to meet the poet of our national anthem and hundreds of well-known children’s songs. The study site and the archive of the Hoffmann von Fallersleben Society are in the neighboring Kavaliershaus.


Around Wolfsburg-Fallersleben


Embedded in a 28 hectare park and lagoon landscape, this unique theme park offers you an exceptional destination for a short vacation.

Distance: 12 min


In this experimental landscape, guests have a variety of opportunities within an area of over 9,000 m² to discover the fascinating world of science and technology at around 300 experimental stations. It is a unique science center in Germany.

Distance: 12 min

Designer Outlets

In the Designer Outlets of Wolfsburg you can find top international fashion at particularly attractive prices in over 12,000 m² with over 58 brand stores.

The only inner-city outlet center in Germany and the only one in Northern Germany

Distance: 12 min

Art Museum

Wolfsburg also has a lot to offer for those interested in art and culture. In the Wolfsburg Theater and in the Art Museum, to name just two institutions, you will experience how multifaceted art and culture can be. Let yourself be surprised!

Distance: 12 min

Water Park “Badeland”

The Badeland Wolfsburg is Northern Germany’s largest leisure and adventure pool. The bathing area has a size of 22,000 m² with a water surface of 3,000 m². In addition, it has sports and play facilities as well as a sauna area.

Distance: 12 min

Castle Wolfsburg

The “Wolfsburg” with its decorative gables and the onion tower was expanded from the 16th century to one of the most magnificent testimonies of the North German Renaissance.

Distance: 12 min


Is a 130 hectare public leisure area. Here you will find leisure and professional sports, fun and relaxation such as the Volkswagen Arena, water park, water ski facility, beach volleyball, SoccaFive Arena, high ropes course, play park, skating facility, disc golf, planet trail, ice arena, Colombian pavilion with its first-class view of Lake Allersee or bowling center. The attractions around the Allersee attract numerous visitors from all over Germany all year round. In addition, the Allersee with its fine sandy beach invites you to (sun) bathe.

Distance: 13 min


The Wolfsburg Planetarium is always worth a visit. With the latest technology in chic tilting armchairs and air-conditioned surroundings, you can very comfortably look into space. It is worth spending some time here! The new and unique projector system enables, in cooperation with the existing star projector, impressive journeys through. The new space laboratory reveals a lot of background knowledge about the star world and also about the history of the creation of the planetarium construction you can experience everything about the cosmos.

Distance: 12 min