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Setting conditions for parking garages and hotel parking spaces

Hotel Neue Stuben, Wolfsburg


1.1 By accepting the parking ticket and / or entering the parking garage or the hotel car park (hereinafter referred to as the “parking area”), a lease agreement is concluded between the hotel and the tenant for the parking period requested by the tenant within the opening hours in accordance with these setting conditions.

1.2 Neither security nor custody are the subject of this contract. The hotel assumes no care or special care obligations for the items brought in by the tenant.


2.1 The lessee is obliged to take the necessary care in traffic. In particular, the special traffic rules and safety regulations in the parking area must be observed. Instructions of the hotel staff, which serve the security or concern the house right, must always be followed immediately. Otherwise, the provisions of the StVO apply accordingly.

2.2 Vehicles may only be parked within the marked parking spaces, but not on the parking spaces that are reserved for permanent users by means of signs. The hotel is entitled to implement or have incorrectly parked vehicles implemented by suitable measures at the expense of the lessee. The hotel can charge a flat rate for this; in this case the tenant can prove that the costs have not arisen or are significantly lower than the flat rate.

2.3 The hotel is also entitled to remove the lessee’s vehicle from the parking area in the event of imminent danger.

2.4 Every tenant is advised to always lock their vehicle carefully after leaving and not to leave any valuables behind.

2.5 The opening times can be found on the relevant notices.


3.1 Driving in the parking area is only permitted at walking pace.

3.2 The following are not permitted in the parking area:

– smoking and the use of fire,

– the storage of operating materials, operating material containers and flammable objects,

– the unnecessary running of engines,

– the parking of vehicles with a leaky tank or carburetor,

– refueling, repairing, washing, cleaning the inside of vehicles,

– the draining of cooling water, operating materials or oils,

– the distribution of advertising material.

3.3 Staying in the parking area is only permitted for the purpose of parking, loading and unloading, as well as collecting vehicles.

3.4 The tenant must immediately remove any contamination caused by him.


4.1 The amount of the parking fee to be paid and the permissible parking time result from the posted, valid price list.

4.2 The maximum parking period is one month, unless a special agreement is made in individual cases.

4.3 After the maximum parking period has expired, the hotel is entitled to have the vehicle removed from the parking area at the lessee’s expense, provided that the lessee and / or vehicle owner has given a written notice beforehand with a deadline of at least two weeks and the result has been unsuccessful or the value of the vehicle obviously does not exceed the rent due. The hotel is entitled to a fee corresponding to the price list until the vehicle is removed.

4.4 If the parking ticket is lost, at least a daily rate is payable, unless the tenant proves that the parking time is shorter or the hotel shows longer.

4.5 The hotel may check the authorization to collect and use the vehicle. The evidence is guided by the presentation of the parking ticket; the tenant can provide other proof.

4.6 If the lessee uses more than one parking space with his vehicle, the hotel is entitled to charge the full parking fee for the number of parking spaces actually used.


5.1 The hotel is only liable for damage that can be proven to have been caused intentionally or through gross negligence by him or his vicarious agents. This limitation of liability does not apply in the event of injury to life, limb or health or in the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations.

5.2 The lessee is obliged to immediately notify the hotel of any damage to his vehicle.

5.3 The hotel excludes any liability for damage caused by other tenants or other third parties. This applies in particular to damage, destruction or theft of the set vehicle or moving / built-in objects from the vehicle or things attached to or on the vehicle.

5.4 If the tenant is a hotel guest and the hotel takes over the parking or collection of the vehicle at the request of the tenant, this also does not constitute a safekeeping contract and no surveillance obligation, since this is only a complacency of the hotel to the guest. Damages caused to other vehicles or property are to be regulated via the vehicle liability insurance of the lessee / vehicle owner. The hotel and the driver commissioned by the hotel are also not liable for any damage directly to the vehicle of the lessee or for any financial disadvantages in connection with the regulation of the damage to the other vehicles or things via the vehicle liability insurance of the lessee / vehicle owner (deductibles, Premium increases etc.), unless the driver commissioned by the hotel caused the damage intentionally or through gross negligence.


6.1 The tenant is liable for damages culpably caused to the hotel by himself or by his vicarious agents, his agents or his accompanying persons. He is obliged to report such damage to the hotel without being asked before leaving the parking area.

6.2 The tenant is liable for the cleaning costs in the event of contamination of the parking area caused by him within the meaning of section 3.2.


7.1 The hotel is entitled to a right of retention and a right of lien on the rented vehicle of the hirer due to its claims from the rental agreement.

7.2 The hotel is entitled to remove and / or dispose of vehicles or trailers without an official license plate, provided that the tenant / vehicle owner has been threatened beforehand and has not complied with the request to remove the vehicle within a reasonable period set by the hotel. Such a threat and request is not required if the tenant / vehicle owner could not be determined even after taking reasonable measures.

The lessee / vehicle owner is entitled to any proceeds from the sale less the costs incurred and the parking fee incurred up to the time the vehicle was removed.

7.3 Without prejudice to the rights from section 7.1 and section 7.2, the tenant is liable to the hotel for all costs incurred